Have fun in Sydney!!!! I live here and it's a great place to visit (a bit cold now but anyway) Love yr blog!!! Yr caps are amazing

Thank you so much! I’m in Eden right now, which is halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, but I’ll be going back to Sydney in a week or so! Again, thank you for being so sweet! 

On semi-hiatus

Hey guys, I will be off to Sydney later on today, but I will try my best to keep this blog active in my absence! You guys can continue to send requests in, and I will attend to them in my spare time (ironic, since it is sort of a vacation). See you guys soon! 

Q, R, and S!


Q -A ship you’ve abandoned and why

Mmm wow! Oh I know! Angel/Buffy. I used to ship them so much but they way their characters went, they made less and less sense. I love that he came back to the show and they revisited their relationship because it was a very very important relationship and time in her life. But yeah, major spuffy shipper!

R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

Well. I know other people ship my ships. But they are like, the least loved. So, Spencer/Emily & Emily/Ian.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon

I just wrote one the other day! Post 5x01 after Foyet stabs Hotch in his apartment. Emily organizes and has the bloody carpet and bullet hole in the wall replaced before he goes home.

I’m so bummed that I can’t do the Elle Appreciation Week thing. I’m on vacation, and I don’t have the first two seasons on hand, and it just sucks